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NFL Draft: day 3 discussion
489 comments - Posted by Bherman
You mean Leonard Fournette? lol
Zac Stacy Traded to Jets per Schefter
24 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Eh. Idk. Last year there were a TON of players Id have thought were bell cows. People like Ellington and Stacy and McCoy and Moreno etcccc that all fell into committees or unreliable so Ya idk this year feels like the tipping point with teams have depth to the 3rd or 4th string
Which rookie would you draft in fantasy this year?
16 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Melvin Gordon
Alfred Morris confirmed to take bulk of carries
2 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Andre Ellington will continue in same role according to Bruce Arians
1 comments - Posted by 2KSports
They didn't get an every down back in the draft.
Updated Fantasy Football Positional Rankings: Post-Draft
0 comments - Bleacher Report
How mad is Chip Kelly?
18 comments - Posted by 2KSports
@shawnjon then you don't know much football if Sankey is the only Titan you can name
NFL Draft: Day 2 Discussion
1092 comments - Posted by DriftMonkey
old news bherms
Pick #16: Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest @ HOU
29 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Lol good one
Dallas takes Randy Gregory in the 2nd Round. The slide ends.
9 comments - Posted by 2KSports
they were close?
Pick #17: Arik Armstead, DE, Oregon @ SF
9 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Well I said it before, I can see why too, Justin is waivering on retirement, Campbell is 34, Carradine is a bust, Ray Mcdonald got cut
NFL draft discussion thread
1333 comments - Posted by Bherman
loading a 1300 comment thread seems overwhelming for SB at this point
Pick #2: Marcus Mariota @ TEN
25 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Marioto will crush him
Twitter people to follow for NFL breaking news?
11 comments - Posted by 2KSports
It's a whale?
Pick #15: Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin @ SD (Traded from SF)
15 comments - Posted by feiyingx
I cant find his post draft interview. it was so good
Pick #10: Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia @ STL
20 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Stacy so unrealistic Tre Mason far better anyway
Pick #7: Kevin White, WR, WVU @ CHI
8 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Parker > White
Pick #1: Jameis Winston @ TB
7 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Pick #9: Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami @ NYG
2 comments - Posted by feiyingx
not bad
Pick #20: Eagles Select WR Nelson Agholor
3 comments - Posted by 2KSports
I love it, he is going to beast
Pick #19: CLE selects C Cameron Erving
0 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Pick #18: Marcus Peters, CB, Washington @ KC
2 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Kicked off team
Pick #14: Devante Parker, WR, Louisville @ MIA
3 comments - Posted by feiyingx
I figured they'd go rb, Gordon.
Pick #4: Amari Cooper, WR @ OAK
14 comments - Posted by feiyingx
They should have taken Leonard
Pick #13: Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford @ NO
5 comments - Posted by feiyingx
takes longer i think
Pick #12: Danny Shelton, DT, Washington @ CLE
0 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Pick #11: Traie Waynes, CB, MSU @ MIN
5 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Pick #6: Leonard Williams, DT, USC @ NYJ
5 comments - Posted by feiyingx
I'm a Raiders fan sorta and I'm mad
Pick #8: Vic Beasley, OLB/DE, Clemson @ ATL
0 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Pick #5: Brandon Scherff, T @ WAS
11 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Pick #3: Dante Fowler @ JAX
2 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Which player do you realistically think your team will pick?
24 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Hoping for Cooper
Yahoo to launch it's own Daily Fantasy Sports platform (because it deserved it's own thread - link in comments)
18 comments - Posted by Jason497
Marcus Mariota Fantasy Starter?
15 comments - Posted by 2KSports
I'm drafting him if he's on the eagles
Your NFL Draft Wild Predictions!
20 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Told you the Bears would be in the conversation lol
Yahoo Fantasy Football 2015 is already open, just in time for the draft
4 comments - Posted by Jason497
Goodbye Fanduel
Why is Georia RB Todd Gurley so hyped?
20 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Gurley has the upside of being between AP, Lynch and McCoy IMHO. Has a very high ceiling but injuries are the scary part with him
Amari Cooper vs Kevin White. You are the GM. Who do you take and why?
10 comments - Posted by 2KSports
yes he can
What does everyone think of Dorial Green-Beckham?
12 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Right system and he could be all pro. Wrong system and he'll be out of the league in 3 years. He needs a program that has a bunch of no bullshit vets and a well respected coach, with a desire to win. A lot of talent goes to the NFL on a horrible disfunctional team and then lose their way.
Titans fans. What the hell are we doing with 2? It's starting to feel like Mariotatown to me
4 comments - Posted by crump
I lol'd @ Titans and fans in the same sentence. BESFs doe.
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