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Don't tell anyone in your league about this app! With that being said, tell everyone else! This app is so slick and easy to use. I can filter the type of updates I get. I can also get instant advice when I need it. It will give me an edge over my league when it comes to hitting the fa pool. They break the news faster than any app I've seen. Damn, it sounds like I work for them lol. I just discovered this app yesterday, so it's possible I'm overreacting. Either way, this is a solid fantasy football tool and I highly recommend it.
Tyler Douglass
I refuse to tell any of my fantasy competitors that this app even exists because of the quickness when it comes to injury and other Twitter updates
Barnaby Jones
Sleeperbot is actually a rare hidden gem that few people know about but man it is the most helpful fantasy football app out there, it's always updated. It's also helps me gain an advantage against other players in my league since nobody else knows about it. Lol
I won 3 titles in 4 leagues with a lot of help from this app knowing which guys to pick up and who to be careful of. Best app for hardcore fantasy players!
Hands down the best Fantasy football app in the market I'm not getting paid for this, but I am killing it in my Fantasy football leagues. Nobody is getting any of the breaking news before me and I've been cleaning house on the waivers. This app is epic. I loved it last season and this season they've added great new features. I get the news minutes before it hits the wires and the rest of my sources. It's a must for injury news and last minute details. you didn't have it for your league draft so what's your excuse now?
Cole Dowden
Since the latest update, which you can control the gifs and push notifications, I cannot rate this app high enough. This is a must have for the fantasy football knuckleheads. The info shared, not only from the pros but other users, is fantastic. Well done
Absolutely the best place to get your up to date fantasy info as soon as anyone knows about it... You'll have the advantage over your friends on who to put claims in for or pick up... Download this app!